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Based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, we understand the needs of the mining industry and the conditions that take place in our environment. Our safety and mining products are specifically designed to meet these needs.

Did you know that Rezplast Mfg and it’s distributors offer monthly rental packages on Safety Showers.

Polar Emergency Shower Systems provide complete shower, eye and face wash equipment, outdoor enclosures, and “comfort blend” warm water blending systems.

Polar Climate enclosures are manufactured utilizing plastics, resins and coatings to optimize product life and reduce maintenance costs, even in the most corrosive environments.

The light weight Mining Toilet consists of latrine facilities mounted on top of a miniature biological treatment plant, allowing wasted matter to be deposited directly into the treatment process.

No chemicals of any kind are required. The simple design allows for single man transportation and for easy transfer of the unit. Units can be custom fit to suit a specific location or drift size.

Guards & Enclosures

We can offer a variety of made to fit fiberglass guards and enclosures. Use these to protect motors, pumps and valuable instruments.

Sanitation Stations

Rezplast Mfg has created the “Sanitation Station” to accommodate large operations in need of full Sanitation rooms. These Sanitation Stations are built using advanced composite materials. The Sanitation Stations are great for above ground or mines. All units have built in lighting, fiberglass sink, mirrors, storage cabinets, locking doors, running water and designed to allow for any Rezplast Mining Toilet to be installed. General sizing is 4 feet wide x 10 feet long x 7’ 6” tall.

These units can be moved from project site to project site with ease. These light weight Sanitation Stations are a practical and economical way to give the employees the benefit of having a one stop Sanitation room to meet all current health and safety requirements and
allow you to show your employees that you care about their well being.

Please contact your local representative for more information.

Urinal Stations

The Rezplast Mfg Urinal station is another step in meeting the challenging requirements of mines today. The urinal station is designed to allow for cleaner environments for all employees in mines. All units are designed and manufactured using advanced composite materials. The Urinal station by Rezplast will allow operators to decrease their waste disposal costs annually by allowing for liquid waste and solid waste to be separated thus decreasing the frequency required of emptying standard holding tanks.

All Urinal stations can be rented or set up on rent to own packages.

Mine Flush Portable Latrines

Your mine flush latrine is a completely self contained, fiberglass portable unit which does not require a connection to sewer or water supply and is equipped with lights and exhaust fans. It operates on the same principle as our recirculation “Mining Toilets” and toilet systems found in passenger aircrafts, using anaerobic enzymes, pumps and filters to process and re-use the flushing fluids. Simply using the hand lever operates the unit. This flushes the bowl and automatically releases a premeasured amount of enzymes and controls odour.

When the user removes their hand from the lever, air returns the lever and at the same time causes the filter/flush pump to draw fluid through the pin filter, making the unit ready for the next flush and thus eliminating contact between users and waste.

Capacity of 71 US Gallons or approximately 1000 uses.

Rental units are available upon request.


When meeting the demand for corrosion resistant products, Rezplast Mfg created the Fiberglass sink. Utilizing premium resins, this sink holds up to the corrosive environments in mines. All sinks have a 20US gallon hot water tank built in and all components are Stainless steel.

Storage Cabinets

Rezplast Mfg manufactures various types of storage cabinets. From sanitation supply cabinets to anti static explosives storage. All units are manufactured at our plant in Sudbury, Ontario Canada and can be custom built to suit your needs and requirements including shelving, hooks, lockable bins. Other cabinets previously manufactured are, emergency water bottle cabinets, nut & bolt bins, transportation boxes, wire rope and sling storage, emergency clay cabinets, drill bit storage, PPE storage to name a few.

Why Fibreglass?

Fiberglass will maintain up to 25 times the strength of steel per pound. Where weight is a factor, FIBERGLASS is an excellent substitute for metal, wood, or concrete utility cabinets.

The inherent strength of Fiberglass gives it exceptional durability in demanding environments.

With sheet metal, you get a plain box. Fiberglass parts have sleek contours and a superior molded appearance with high visibility colors.

Fiberglass is non-conductive, RF transparent, and helps to insulate against electromagnetic fields, making Fiberglass the obvious choice for electrical and electronic equipment storage cabinets.

Fiberglass is non-corrosive and has a much longer life expectancy when compared to a variety of construction materials. In highly corrosive environments Fiberglass is the preferred choice over metal, wood, or plastic.

A popular choice where exposure to harsh environments is a concern, Fiberglass provides resistance to ultra violent light, extreme temperatures, salt air, and a variety of chemicals including most acids.

Fiberglass parts are gel-coated in their molds with either a flat, semi-gloss or high gloss color eliminating the need for painting. In highly corrosive environments gel-coats are much more durable than most paints.

Fiberglass provides superior acoustical properties when compared to plastic or metal. Various type of sound deadening materials can be laminated between high strength layers of Fiberglass matte to achieve the preferred level of sound deadening

Fiberglass exhibits the least amount of expansion and/or contraction when compared to plastic, wood, or metal. Fiberglass parts have excellent dimensional stability and will hold their shapes under severe mechanical and environmental stresses.

Fiberglass LATRINES require very little maintenance – no rust , no painting , no wood rot. Tired of costly maintenance associated with repairing or replacing expensive equipment? Then try Fiberglass.

Fiberglass Latrines are ASTM E-84. Class 1 FIRE RATED