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Portable Mining Toilet

Rezplast Mfg has created inovative Latrine options for the mining industry. From our Mining toilet to the new Mine Flush toilet. Rezplast Mfg can accommodate large volume mines to exploration projects with our variety of sizes available. The Mining toilet currently has three sizes to choose from, the 40 person per day, the 20 person per day and the new 10 person per day remote access unit. All units are manufactured by Rezplast Mfg in Sudbury, Ontario Canada utilizing advanced composite products. All units are great for corrosive environments. These patented units are designed to run on air only and do not require any harsh chemicals for operation. Overall costs savings for mines and exploration projects are significant with the need to only clean and remove human waste every 18 months for the 40 person per day unit and every 12 months on the smaller units as compared to the weekly removal and cleaning costs of conventional “porta Potty” units currently in use.

Mine Flush Portable Latrines

Your mine flush latrine is a completely self contained, fiberglass portable unit which does not require a connection to sewer or water supply and can have optional lights and exhaust fans. It operates on the same principle as our recirculation “Mining Toilets” and toilet systems found in passenger aircrafts, using anaerobic enzymes, pumps and filters to process and re-use the flushing fluids. Simply stepping on the foot pedal operates the unit. This flushes the bowl and automatically releases a premeasured amount of enzymes and fluid control odour.

When user removes his foot from the pedal, air returns the foot pedal and at the same time causes the filter/flush pump to draw fluid through the pin filter, making the unit ready for the next flush and thus eliminating contact between users and waste.

Capacity of 71 US Gallons or approximately 1000 uses.

Rental units are available upon request.

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