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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

Rezplast is a complete mold making facility for custom designed fibreglass reinforced plastic products. Items such as tanks, covers, motor shrouds, and launders. Hand lay-up or filament wound pipe.

Pipe, Duct & Fittings

We stock a large variety of pipe & fittings, ready for fast delivery or spooling, and available in a variety of sizes:
  • Pressure Pipe
  • Duct Square & Round
  • 45° & 90° Elbows
  • Elbows
  • Full Face Flanges, Vanstone Flanges, Blind Flanges

Tanks & Scrubbers

All of our tanks are chemical and corrosion resitant, meet all standards for durability and quality and can be customized to meet your needs. Ask us for more information on the following:
  • Conical Bottom
  • Closed Top Storage
  • Open Top Storage
  • Pallet Tanks
Our scrubber products, reduce environmentally hazardous air emissions for both indoor& outdoor air pollution control in the chemical processing, pharmaceutical, medical, mining & metallurgy industries.

Floor Grating & Walkway Systems

Safe and easy access to equipment is integral to plant operations and imperative in today’s industrial environment. Our floor grating, walkway systems, stairs, railing, ladders and platforms are designed and fabricated to fit your new or existing equipment.
  • Ladders, Ladder Cages, Walkway Covers
  • Flooring, Stairways, Steps, Hand Railings, Guard Rails
  • Kick Plates, Checker Plate
  • Equipment Platforms, Maintenance Platforms

Guards & Enclosures

We can offer a variety of made to fit fiberglass guards and enclosures. Use these to protect motors, pumps and valuable instruments.