Rezplast Is a Manufacturer and Service Provider Specializing in Process Equipment Utilizing Advanced Composite Materials.

Rezplast Mfg designs and manufactures corrosion resistant engineered proprietary fiberglass equipment. Our standard products include fiberglass tanks, brine makers, pollution control scrubber systems, fans, ducting, stacks, grating, platforms, walkways and ladders. Many custom fiberglass products are also available.

Rezplast Mfg's main fabrication processes utilized include filament winding, hand lay-up, RTM and a variety of specialized fabrication processes to meet the ever changing demands of the industry. Finished products are used in Canada and the USA in addition to in many other global applications.

Swish Maintenance Products

Swish Maintenance Limited is a leading sanitation and maintenance company dedicated to solving all your cleaning product needs since 1956 and has expanded to serving 11 locations throughout Canada.